Gearbox repairs

Gearbox repairs

Gearbox Repairs

Both Automatic and Manual cars need transmissions that are in good working conditions when a gear box is starting to fail then you may recognise clucking and buzzing sounds or when you are driving there may be a leaking liquid coming from your car. If your gearbox is doing any of these common faults you may need your gearbox repaired. Gearbox repairs will include flushing both automatic and manual transmissions with liquid. Many mechanics can repair a gear box very quickly after finding the problem, worn out parts will always be replaced. Another problem that may affect your gearbox can be linkage or loose cables, sometimes cables can become displaced which would lead to your problem to become worse you may find this problem when moving up and down gears. When this problem occurs to ensure you get your gearbox repaired.

Automatic VS Manual


Manual Gearbox

Many people who drive will prefer to buy a manual car, you may find manual cars to be smaller and sometimes cheaper. Most vehicles will have six gears however some cars will only have 5. The gearstick to control the gearbox is usually found near the handbrake. An advantage of having a manual car many people will say they have more control over the vehicles when changing gears when driving you are able to feel the mechanical feel to each change. Certain cars will allow a manual gearbox useful when towing and off-road driving. A downfall to this is a manual gearbox will mean you doing more work when driving having more variables to think about.

Automatic Gearbox

Automatic gearboxes have been used for over 70 years, many people will enjoy driving an automatic car as the convenience it offers. When driving an automatic car, you will use the gear stick once to put the car into drive after this there isn’t much to worry about when using a gearstick. Also, when driving in an automatic car there is no clutch to worry about. Many drivers will say they find automatic gearboxes better as when driving the vehicle, it feels a lot smoother. However, cars that have been fitted with an automatic gear box will tend to use more fuel than cars fitted with a manual gear box.