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Mini Plant Oxford

Mini Plant Oxford is the heart of Mini. There are three other Mini plants but Mini plant Oxford is the largest and the oldest of those in the UK. The other two are based in Swindon and Plant Hams Hall.

All of the Mini parts are assembled at Mini plant Oxford, all of these parts are put together to make road-ready Mini’s.

At Mini plant Oxford; they do tours of the factory so you can see up close and personal what goes on there.

There are various tours available such as a children’s tour, architectural tour and a tour specifically designed just for the BMW I, all of these take place at Mini Plant Oxford.

There are many stages of production for the Mini, first of all, starting with the press shop, at the Swindon plant over 350 pressed parts are produced. The next stage is subassembly; around 250 robots are used to produce the door, bonnet and tailgate. The next stage is the body in white this is where the Mini first takes shape; this is where the body panels and sub-assemblies arrive in time and sequence from the Swindon plant. Next is the paint shop where the chassis is painted. The final stage in the Mini’s journey is to go to the Mini plant Oxford where the car is finished off and ready to go to its new owner.

At Mini plant Oxford they also carry out apprenticeships and internships. There are various placements available to allow training and development.

All Minis’ are made with easy to dismantle bodywork and recyclable materials. Front and rear screens are also sent to sheet glass recycling plants. The platinum contained in the catalytic converter is used in the production of new converters. The lead of the Mini battery is melted down and reused.

Mini is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the UK; they promote economic development and contribute to the national economy.

If you did want to visit the Oxford Mini plant it is based at:

Eastern Bypass Road, Oxford, Cowley, Oxfordshire, OX4 6NL.

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