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Pallet Racking Mistakes

Mistakes can be made when choosing and installing pallet racking which can cost your business money in the long run. This is usually due to the fact people rush the process of designing their racking correctly and the wrong system ends up being installed.

A common mistake people make is choosing a system which doesn’t fit the premises. This could either be the racking physically not fitting the warehouse or racking which is too tall for forklift trucks.

Not every type of racking suits every situation. Some brands have their unique system which means they are only compatible with one another. A more universal design will save money and time in the long run as the warehouse storage grows.

When purchasing racking buying just what you need at the time isn’t always the best method. Investing in a little extra will allow your racking system to expand for additional storage, should the need arise.

Used racking is a great way to save money and is usually very easy to come across. However, buying it on impulse might not always be the best idea as the initial appearance of the racking can be deceptive. Hazards in used racking can sometimes go unnoticed until a pallet racking inspection has taken place, this can be costly to fix. The money saved by buying used is often negated if repairs need to be carried out straight away. For peace of mind, it is recommended to buy new.

Overlooking damage can lead to potential disasters and continuous operation will create even more wear on the system. To avoid damage in the future having regular inspections and training forklift drivers in how to use the racking will ensure disasters are avoided.

Buying the cheapest option isn’t always the best long term. Investing in something which meets your requirements and will be reliable will avoid any expensive repair bills in the future.